Different ways to participate

  • Monday Night In House - mixed teams of 5 players starting at 7 pm, all play on the night, playing the best of 5 games, very social evening, with supper provided during the night
  • Tuesday Morning comp - played between Dgen and Engadine, mixed three person teams play, each match is to 60 points, home and away games, no play during school holidays
  • Night Pennant Competition - for the serious player, Wednesday and Thursday home nights, mixed and non mixed teams play home and away games, both district and inter district, teams of 5 players with 4 playing on the night the best of 5 games, with a socila supper after.
  • Saturday Squash - mixed groups on the hour, graded to suit, very social and frendly day of sqaush, great for practice.
  • Sunday Morning Juniors, for ages 3 years up, from 8:30 am till 11 am, excellent for health, fitness, co-ordination and flexibility. Includes coaching and games.
  • Flexi Comp - Play 4 match's during the month at a time that suits you and your opponent, new groups started each month and groups are mixed according to ability. A great way to get that extra game when you don't think you have the time